Violence against Women and Girls - Police Scotland Strategy

Police Scotland is developing its strategy to improve its response to tackling violence against women  and girls, to support culture change and to improve and to improve the safety and sense of safety of women and girls in Scotland's communities.

Police Scotland are committed to developing their approach to tackling and preventing violence against women and girls. Police Scotland have worked hard over the years, seeking advice and support from our key partners to deliver a policing response that meets the needs of victims of sexual crime and domestic abuse, of child abuse and honor-based abuse.

The vision that Police Scotland is for a society and culture where women and girls live free from all forms of violence, abuse, exploitation and harassments. Police Scotland are developing  this vision but are looking but want to hear from our communities and give women and girls a voice to have open safe conversations.

Your opportunity to influence  @PoliceScotland’s new strategy to end violence against women and girls. They want to hear from all communities, so that your experiences and ideas inform what they do.
💬 If you are aged 16 or above, we want to learn more about your experiences. Share your story via ➡ 
💡 Share your ideas about what we can do within and with Scotland's communities to end violence against women and girls. Let's all work together. To take part, visit ➡ 

More information about how the feedback will be used to develop our strategy and services is available on the engagement hub and website.

For more information about Police Scotland's approach to ending violence against women and girls visit Police Scotland's That Guy campaign.

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