We are all bystanders.

Every day we stand by and watch as situations unfold around us. Most of the time these situations do not require any intervention or for us to become involved. But when these situations feel unsafe or when it becomes clear that someone is at risk, we all make a choice about whether we intervene and try to bring a stop to what is happening or if we turn away and carry on with our day.

When we choose to ignore what is happening, or choose to not become involved we are bystanders.

When we choose to interrupt, distract, help, stop or report we become active bystanders. And by becoming active bystanders we can help to keep each other safe and challenge harmful attitudes, language or behavior that supports violence.

'Who are you?' explores the various points in which sexual violence could have been prevented if a bystander had intervened.

Please be aware that this video contains depictions of sexual assault and alcohol consumption that could be upsetting or triggering. 

There are two ways you can tell us what happened