We value the experience and talent of all, creating an accessible and inclusive learning and working environment.

Our aim is that, together, staff, students and stakeholders will respect themselves; give respect to others; know that they deserve to get respect from others; and grow a respectful community within North East Scotland College and in the wider world.

  • Celebrating diversity, and accepting other people’s beliefs and backgrounds
  • Listening while other people are talking
  • Appreciating other people’s opinions
  • Being polite and courteous
  • Treating property with due regard


  • Respecting yourself, and knowing you deserve respect from others
  • Being able to say how you feel and be confident that fellow students and staff respect those feelings
  • Knowing the College is a welcoming and safe space for you, and that there are people you can turn to if you feel you are being treated unfairly or discriminated against
  • Having the opportunity to get involved in decision-making that affects NESCol’s wider student body


  • Taking your respectful behaviours into the wider world – the community, your workplace, and your home
  • Building relationships with fellow students and staff through mutual respect for one another
  • Developing an understanding of different cultures and increasing your understanding of the world


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