All volunteers, are trained before going out onto the city streets from 10pm-4am each Friday and Saturday night.
Our aims are to bring peace and a Christian presence to the streets of Aberdeen; building relationships in the night-time community and serving where we can.

We welcome those coming into Aberdeen and hope you have a really enjoyable time. We hope you feel safe and remain in a good state.  However, for those who perhaps are lost, or feeling vulnerable or perhaps a little worse-for-wear, we are available Friday & Saturday nights in the city to ‘listen, care and help’ as best as we can.  We aim to have our ‘Safe Space’ truck in Union Street and a team walking around to support you.  Hopefully, when we see you, it will be to say “Hi” and to hear how much you are enjoying yourselves but if not, we will endeavour to be there for you.

Their Safe Space Street Pastors lorry is available on Belmont Street 10pm-3:30am each Friday and Saturday nights February - December.

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