Scottish Women’s Rights Centre helps us to understand Financial (also known as Economic abuse) clearer;

"Economic abuse happens when a person interferes with their partner’s ability to acquire, use and maintain economic resources. It can include the restriction, exploitation or sabotage of a person’s housing, food, clothing, transportation, employment, and education.

Economic abuse can take many forms including: retaining the victim’s salary or giving [them] an ‘allowance’, forbidding [them] from accessing work or education, restricting access to [their] private and shared bank accounts, and convincing or forcing [them] to take on debt on behalf of the abuser, among many others. Economic abuse is a harmful form of coercive control that seeks to control and isolate victims economically, making it harder to leave the abusive situation and to be financially independent after separation".
The Royal Bank of Scotland and Bank of Scotland | Financial abuse support | Help Centre can also provide support and guidance on Financial Abuse.

Financial abuse | Royal Bank of Scotland (
Bank of Scotland | Financial abuse support | Help Centre
Scottish Women's Rights Centre
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