When in an abusive relationship, as a safety measure, it is common to keep a secret mobile/device to ensure access to privacy and support/resources when required.
It is important to be mindful of Emergency Alerts from the Government that will sound unplanned and unannounced following an initial test that was instigated on 23rd April 2023. If you have concerns, switching off mobiles/devices or putting them on airplane mode can avoid mobiles being activated unexpectedly with the Government alerts.

Please share this to help keep others safe.

The purpose of the Emergency Alerts is to provide alerts in respect of public safety. Mobile phone masts broadcast an alert leading to every compatible mobile phone or  device to receive the Emergency Alert Notification. Mobile phones or devices do not have to be connected to mobile data or wifi to receive alerts.

The following link can provide fuller details on how to utilise the Emergency Alerts to ensure you and others' safety gov.uk/alerts.   

Opting Out of Emergency Alerts can be actioned, however, the Government does advise that Alerts should be switched on for individual's safety.

To Opt Out;

Search your Settings for ‘Emergency Alerts’.
Turn off ‘Severe Alerts’ and ‘Extreme Alerts’.
If you still receive alerts, contact your device's Manufacturer for support.

Refuge have produced a really helpful video @ https://lnkd.in/e-D7uJpF

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