We recognise that the Conflict between Israel and Palestine can affect people at Nescol in different ways. Whether you are directly being affected by the Conflict or are feeling anxious and unsafe when thinking about the Conflict it is important that you are aware of the supports available to you at Nescol. 
o   Check out the Spectrum Life app where you can access a range of wellbeing resources and access to 24/7 counselling services.  
o   If you have a concern about yourself or someone else you can reach out to our Safeguarding Team at Report + Support
o   Our Mental Health Toolkit can provide some advice and guidance on how to best support your Mental Health during difficult times  
o   Book a session with our Wellbeing Team here
o  The Staff Employee Assistance Programme is available to offer Nescol employees support 
At Nescol we like to ensure we are inclusive and supportive to all of our students. Check out information on how to have a Respectful Conversation here ground_rules (princeton.edu) 
News articles can often be biased so make sure you check out verifiable news outlets when researching the Conflict. 

There are two ways you can tell us what happened