We understand that many students may be feeling a lot of anxiety at the moment due to the ongoing Russia and Ukraine conflict. It's important that we take time to reflect on how we're feeling, take steps to manage it and to reach out for support if we need it. Below are some tips of what we can do to manage or address some the things you might be experiencing.

Social Media Habits 
While for many people it's important to stay up to date with different events around the world, constantly taking in news and information can be exhausting and lead to a lot of overwhelming feelings of anxiety, helplessness and guilt. 'Doomscrolling' is a habit that is easy to fall into especially when there's a lot activity in the news. It is easy for us to focus on the negative news stories and social media posts that are created, as they are often designed to grab our attention and make us feel strongly about the topic. With algorithms pushing content that we have previously engaged with, our newsfeeds can very quickly become filled with negative content.

This can leave us feeling anxious, scared, overwhelmed and helpless. See below for some tips on how to break the Doomscrolling habit. 
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Talking It Out

Talking about the issues that are concerning us is one of the best ways to find perspective and process the thoughts and feelings that we have. Being able to speak to the people that are close to us about what's going on can help to reassure us and also help to educate ourselves and others about global issues. However you might feel that you don't have people around you that you would be able to have these conversations with. If this is the case, get in touch with the NESCol Student Wellbeing Advisers who will meet with you to discuss your concerns and offer support.

You can make an appointment by using the link below and selecting 'wellbeing appointment' or you can also attend one of our drop in sessions to speak to a Student Support Tutor. You can find out more about our drop in sessions in the link below as well. 

 Bookings, Drop-in and Virtual Cafe information ยป North East Scotland College (nescol.ac.uk)

As a NESCol Student you also have access to our 24/7 support platform Spectrum Life which you can sign up to  you can sign up for it using your student email address and the organisation code which is NESCol. Spectrum Life is a hub of well being, where you can also learn more about mental health, it includes a 24/7 helpline, if you need to speak with someone about your mental health.

Spectrum Life


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