Aberdeen Alcohol and Drug Partnerships have let Nescol know about a fantastic app to check out! 
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 "Basically, it's a lifestyle app a bit like counting your steps or sleep apps etc. It can help you record and increase alcohol free days and as a result sleep better, improve mood, save money and reduce calories. Great for your wellbeing, for work, for your family and friends. But now not just available in January - available every day in Aberdeen. 
Can be used in social prescribing and in lots of health and social care settings. Alcohol is associated with lots of health and wellbeing issues so the more alcohol-free days we can manage the better for us! 
There are also challenges and badges such as weddings, nights out, gigs, football matches etc - it just about trying! 
Our aim is to get as many Aberdonians signed up as possible and see how much money, how many calories and how many alcohol-free days we can clock up!

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