Bullying takes place in the context of relationships. It is behaviour that can make people feel hurt, threatened, frightened and left out and it can happen face to face and online.  The actual behaviour might not be repeated but the threat that it might be sustained over time by different actions such as looks, messages, confrontations, physical interventions.

Bullying behaviour can harm people physically or emotionally.  

This behaviour can include:
  • Being called names, teased, put down or threatened face to face and/or online
  • Being hit, tripped, pushed or kicked
  • Having belongings taken or damaged
  • Being ignored, left out or having rumours spread about you (face to face and/or online)
  • Sending abusive messages, pictures or images on social media, online gaming platforms or phone
  • Behaviour which makes people feel like they are not in control of themselves or their lives
  • Being targeted because of who you are or who you are perceived to be (face to face and/or online)

There are two ways you can tell us what happened